US Fast Max 66% OFF Shipment Kitchen Island and Trolley Din Dining Kitchen,,Island,Dining,Din,/phenylethylene5363094.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Trolley,and,(US,$76,Fast,Kitchen,Shipment) Kitchen,,Island,Dining,Din,/phenylethylene5363094.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Trolley,and,(US,$76,Fast,Kitchen,Shipment) US Fast Max 66% OFF Shipment Kitchen Island and Trolley Din Dining $76 (US Fast Shipment) Kitchen Island Dining Trolley Kitchen and Din Home Kitchen Furniture $76 (US Fast Shipment) Kitchen Island Dining Trolley Kitchen and Din Home Kitchen Furniture

US Fast Max 66% OFF Shipment Kitchen Island and Max 71% OFF Trolley Din Dining

(US Fast Shipment) Kitchen Island Dining Trolley Kitchen and Din


(US Fast Shipment) Kitchen Island Dining Trolley Kitchen and Din

Product description

【US Direct and high-quality after-sales】-- The product is shipped from the US warehouse, Your order will delivered in 3-8 Business Days Fast Delivery by UPS / USPS / Fedex.
1. Add extra counter and storage space to your kitchen or dining room
2. Including two drawers, three baskets, two rows and a wine rack
3. Simplify organization and easy access
4. Four 360-degree rotating wheels, easy to move
5. Sturdy wooden structure with tiled roof
6. Need some simple assembly

1. Material: wood and stainless steel
2. Color: wood color
3. Weight: 296.3oz/8400g
4. Dimensions: (26.37 x 14.57 x 29.53) "/ (67 x 37 x 75) cm (length x width x height)
5. Iron basket size: (11.61 x 11.02) "/ (29.5 x 28) cm (length x width)
6. Drawer size: (11.34 x 11.22 x 2.56) "/ (28.8 x 28.5 x 6) cm (length x width x height)

The package includes:
3 x iron basket
2 x drawers
1 x wine rack
4 x universal wheels
1 x accessories

(US Fast Shipment) Kitchen Island Dining Trolley Kitchen and Din

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