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BINHC Magnifier The Elderly Manufacturer OFFicial shop Magni Save money Hd Handheld Reading,Portable

BINHC Magnifier The Elderly Reading,Portable Hd Handheld Magni


BINHC Magnifier The Elderly Reading,Portable Hd Handheld Magni

Product description

Welcome to my shop. Various styles of magnifiers are available for your choice. If you need more household magnifiers and magnifiers, you can search for [BINHC] on Amazon and buy them in my shop. Thank you for your support! ! !Made from green natural materials, it is ultra-clear, distortion-free and vandal-proof, making it ideal for reading books and maps.

This magnifying glass is the perfect the elderly, visually impaired, curiosity, lovers and craftsmen.

Product Name: Magnifier

Lens magnification: 20 times

Handle length: 78mm

Size: 60*78/mm

Lens diameter: 60mm

Category: Magnifier

Product gross weight: 1.0kg

Features: The effect of zooming is clear, the image is bright, the font enlargement effect is obvious, and the style is high-end fashion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our goal. You can choose more styles and products when you enter the store.

Product images are taken in kind. There may be some color differences due to photo environment factors. Please understand.

This product only contains the product itself. Does not include other products in the picture.

BINHC Magnifier The Elderly Reading,Portable Hd Handheld Magni

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