WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x Light with High-Definition Reading Regular dealer WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x Light with High-Definition Reading Regular dealer $26,HD,wlpdust.ru,40x,/phenylethylene5052294.html,with,WENJIAN,Wear-Resistant,Reading,Light,High-Definition,Health Household , Vision $26 WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x High-Definition Reading with Light Health Household Vision $26,HD,wlpdust.ru,40x,/phenylethylene5052294.html,with,WENJIAN,Wear-Resistant,Reading,Light,High-Definition,Health Household , Vision $26 WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x High-Definition Reading with Light Health Household Vision

WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x Light with unisex High-Definition Reading Regular dealer

WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x High-Definition Reading with Light


WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x High-Definition Reading with Light

Product description

 100% Satisfied-If you are not satisfied with the purchase experience, just contact us and tell us what we can do to solve the problem! If the product does not meet your expectations or does not match the description, we will replace the product or refund 100% of the money to you.
WN.home powerful magnifying glass
More than a thousand years ago, transparent crystals or transparent gemstones were ground into "lenses" that magnified images. Also known as a convex lens.
I am willing to make a close relationship with you through this magnifying glass.
[product parameters]:
Product Name: Portable Magnifier
◈ magnification: 40 times
◈ Product weight: 66g
◈ Size: 130*45*22mm
◈Lens: HD optical glass lens
◈Mirror size: 20mm
◈Mirror body material: ABS engineering plastic
◈ Color: white
◈Battery: 3 AAA batteries
Simple style, no distortion observation area, improve the quality of life, easy to carry
Measurement is manual measurement with 3-5mm error
撕Remove the protective film on the large mirror surface of the magnifying glass before use.
◈ Comfortable ergonomic handles for children, adults, seniors, amateurs and professionals.
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The time you receive after placing your order is approximately 9 to 18 days.
If you have not received the

WENJIAN HD Wear-Resistant 40x High-Definition Reading with Light

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