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Littryee Animated Challenge the lowest price half Plush Toy Anime Man Chain Chainsaw

Littryee Animated Plush Toy, Chainsaw Man Anime Plush Toy, Chain


Littryee Animated Plush Toy, Chainsaw Man Anime Plush Toy, Chain

Product description



Soft Hugging Toy: The soft stretch fabric makes the toy more comfortable to hug. This toy is completely filled with PP cotton, plush, comfortable and lightweight.

Kawaii Lifelike Plushie: This cute toy is unique, featured by the orange body and a chainsaw on his head to be lifelike and decorative.

Easy to Carry: The chainsaw shaped part is soft and will not hurt your hands. This toy can be hand-held and is convenient to carry.

Just the Right Size: This soft toy is proper-sized, and it can be used as a pillow, a lumbar support cushion or a napping pillow.

Ideal Gift: Suitable for all ages. A thoughtful gift for anime lovers, a fun hugging toy for reading, watching TV, studying and sleeping.


Fabric: Crystal velvet

Filling: PP cotton

Size: about 25cm/40cm - 9.84inch/15.75inch

Suitable for 3 years old and up

Packing List:

Plush Doll*1


Due to manual measurement, there might be a size tolerance.

The color of the item might be different from that shown in the pictures due to lighting and photography.

Littryee Animated Plush Toy, Chainsaw Man Anime Plush Toy, Chain

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