Insert,Titanium,String,Floyd,for,Lock,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Rose,Guitar,Blocks,$80,Parts,/lycosid5362766.html, $80 Guitar Parts for Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Insert Blocks Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Insert,Titanium,String,Floyd,for,Lock,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Rose,Guitar,Blocks,$80,Parts,/lycosid5362766.html, Guitar Parts for Floyd Max 72% OFF Rose Titanium Lock Insert Blocks String Guitar Parts for Floyd Max 72% OFF Rose Titanium Lock Insert Blocks String $80 Guitar Parts for Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Insert Blocks Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Guitar Parts for Floyd Max 72% OFF Rose Titanium Lock Nashville-Davidson Mall Insert Blocks String

Guitar Parts for Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Insert Blocks


Guitar Parts for Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Insert Blocks

Product description

Product Description:

Genuine titanium upgradable string lock insert blocks for Floyd Rose Tlo System. Made in USA. Formed from heat treated titanium rod to resist any deforming or cracking when subjected to high compressive forces from string clamping. Designed with a nodule to allow safe and easy retraction of the block. Fits Floyd Rose , 1000 Series, and Special tlo systems.

Guitar Parts for Floyd Rose Titanium String Lock Insert Blocks

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