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National uniform Max 79% OFF free shipping Vibrating Mãstụrbạtor Cup Hands Free Heati Másturábátor Male

Vibrating Mãstụrbạtor Cup Hands Free Male Másturábátor Heati


Vibrating Mãstụrbạtor Cup Hands Free Male Másturábátor Heati

Product description

✌ Dear customer, I am glad you can come. Our products are strictly selected and the quality is guaranteed. Please rest assured to buy.

✔ Specifications of Electric Male Masturbator

-Material: Silicone + ABS

-Function: Squeezable Panel + Vibration + Wild Moans

-Channel: Tight V-a-gi-nal Channel

-Charging Method: USB Charge

-Vibration Frequency: 10 Modes + Heating

-Storage: Stored at the cool, dry, and ventilated place, out of kids’ reach

-100% waterproof, so your six toys can be used in the shower or bath for an astonishing experience.

-Masturbators are ergonomically designed with a handheld actually molded inside the sleeve itself.

✨Warm Tips:

-Clean the pocket pusseyfoot before and after usage.

-Store in a cool place and keep out of reach of children Click the shop to learn more about the electric massaging

?What Will You Get?

-1 x Electric Male Masturbator(Brown)

-1 x USB Charging Cable

-1 x User Manual

-Absolutely 100% discreet, we will have a dedicated sealed box, unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders without leaving any sensitive words.

-Fast shipping from the US, just ✨ 2-10 days ✨days to deliver your designated place.

Vibrating Mãstụrbạtor Cup Hands Free Male Másturábátor Heati

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