$70 LTJX Cocktail Making Set 11 Pieces with Stand Shaker with Access Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $70 LTJX Cocktail Making Set 11 Pieces with Stand Shaker with Access Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining LTJX Cocktail Making Soldering Set 11 Stand Shaker with Access Pieces 11,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Pieces,with,wlpdust.ru,$70,Set,Making,Stand,Cocktail,/intercale5247509.html,with,Shaker,Access,LTJX 11,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Pieces,with,wlpdust.ru,$70,Set,Making,Stand,Cocktail,/intercale5247509.html,with,Shaker,Access,LTJX LTJX Cocktail Making Soldering Set 11 Stand Shaker with Access Pieces

LTJX Cocktail Making Topics on TV Soldering Set 11 Stand Shaker with Access Pieces

LTJX Cocktail Making Set 11 Pieces with Stand Shaker with Access


LTJX Cocktail Making Set 11 Pieces with Stand Shaker with Access

Product description

Cocktail set
Stainless steel vibrating screens is the best choice for all parties.
Cocktail glass: stainless steel bottle * 1 ice holder * 1 broken ice hammer * 1 measuring cup * 1 bar * 1 wine port * 2 sea horse knife * 1 filter spoon * 1 filter ice spoon * 1 wooden display stand * 1 to meet you All the requirements of wine
11 stainless steel cocktail manufacturers use high-end food grade SS304 stainless steel. The metal cooling effect will illegally increase the content and taste of the cocktail or beverage!
2. High quality inner liners do not release harmful chemicals and will not affect the taste of the beverage.
3. Wooden display stand is not easy to rust, so that your bar is more beautiful!
4. Dishwasher is safe and easy to clean!
5. Beautiful gift packaging is your best choice!
Service: We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will be happy to serve you.

LTJX Cocktail Making Set 11 Pieces with Stand Shaker with Access

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