SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Professional Clipper OFFer Kits Cutting Trimmer,Professional,Kits,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/intercale5174009.html,Hair,SMLZV,Clipper,$153,Cutting,,Beard,Hair Trimmer,Professional,Kits,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/intercale5174009.html,Hair,SMLZV,Clipper,$153,Cutting,,Beard,Hair $153 SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Kits, Professional Hair Clipper Beauty Personal Care Hair Care SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Professional Clipper OFFer Kits Cutting $153 SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Kits, Professional Hair Clipper Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Professional Clipper OFFer Kits Las Vegas Mall Cutting

SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Kits, Professional Hair Clipper


SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Kits, Professional Hair Clipper

Product description

: stainless steel cutter head, ABS shell
: 2W
: 220V
: 50Hz
Product net weight
: 167g
Charging time
: 8 hours
Power / use
: charging, wireless use
Use time
: 60 minutes
: cleaning brush, adapter, manual, cutter head cover
Cleaning method
: body wash

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SMLZV Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Kits, Professional Hair Clipper

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