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5 ☆ very popular HFDGDFK Reading 3X Magnifier Full Page Optical Large discharge sale Magnifying Foldab

HFDGDFK Reading 3X Magnifier Full Page Optical Magnifying Foldab


HFDGDFK Reading 3X Magnifier Full Page Optical Magnifying Foldab

Product description

Specially designed with four foldable legs, good for both use and storage.
With a hang rope, you can hang it around your neck for convenient operation.
Ideal for reading maps and newspapers, repairing gadgets, carving handicrafts, sewing, knitting, etc.
With 4 LED lights, helpful for use in dark environment.
With a switch to turn on/ off the lights when necessary.
Lightweight, easy for carrying.
Can be regarded as gift for the elderly and those people with poor eyesight.

Color: Black
Material: PVC
Magnification: 3X
Light source: 4 LEDs
Power supplied by: 2 * AAA batteries (Not included)
Product size: A4
Leg length: 9.8cm/ 3.8in
Product weight: 215g/ 7.5oz
Package size: 28 * 21 * 2.5cm/ 11 * 8.2 * 0.9in
Weight: Approx. 300g

Packing Content:
1 x Magnifier (Not Included Battery)
Retractable Head-mounted Watch Maintenance Magnifying Glasses Double Eyes

HFDGDFK Reading 3X Magnifier Full Page Optical Magnifying Foldab

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