Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Same day shipping 100cm Horizontal Chin Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Same day shipping 100cm Horizontal Chin Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bar,,Pull-up,Horizontal,Bar,100cm,$153,Pull-Up,Chin,Bar,wlpdust.ru,Wall-Mounted,/gummed5362795.html $153 Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar, 100cm Chin Bar Horizontal Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bar,,Pull-up,Horizontal,Bar,100cm,$153,Pull-Up,Chin,Bar,wlpdust.ru,Wall-Mounted,/gummed5362795.html $153 Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar, 100cm Chin Bar Horizontal Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Same day shipping Cheap mail order specialty store 100cm Horizontal Chin

Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar, 100cm Chin Bar Horizontal


Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar, 100cm Chin Bar Horizontal

Product description

Color:Stainless Steel

The upper body movement, pull-up and pull-up are known as kings. They can be used in combination with drawstrings, resistance bands, sandbags and swings to exercise an attractive body. It can bear 200kg. Please purchase with confidence and you will be 100% satisfied Can exercise at any time at home

Product name: pull-up horizontal bar on the door
Material: Steel (matte black, anti-rust electrostatic spraying process)
Stainless steel (polished, partially sandblasted)
Installation: expansion screw wall-mounted installation (need to be installed on a solid wall, hollow wall can not be installed)
Load bearing: 200kg
Exercise areas: hands, back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, waist
Installation: wall-mounted screw installation
Features: swing, elastic band, drawstring training
Recommended installation height: When standing, your finger touches the height of the horizontal bar,2-2.3m

Important: During assembly, loosen all screws until all screws are installed in the corresponding holes. Before tightening the screws, make sure there are no other holes in the corresponding holes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! The fastest and best service problem solved.

▶ Caution: Do not install on glass doors and hollow doors


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Pull-Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar, 100cm Chin Bar Horizontal

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