$28 Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Indoor, Hanging Two Layers Natu Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Two Manufacturer OFFicial shop Indoor Layers Natu $28 Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Indoor, Hanging Two Layers Natu Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Planters,Two,Hanging,/flob5363010.html,$28,wlpdust.ru,Layers,Natu,Basket,Indoor,,Seagrass,Hanging Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Two Manufacturer OFFicial shop Indoor Layers Natu Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Planters,Two,Hanging,/flob5363010.html,$28,wlpdust.ru,Layers,Natu,Basket,Indoor,,Seagrass,Hanging

Seagrass Hanging Fresno Mall Planters Basket Two Manufacturer OFFicial shop Indoor Layers Natu

Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Indoor, Hanging Two Layers Natu


Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Indoor, Hanging Two Layers Natu

Product description

Color:Primary Color

Hanging Straw Pot/ Hanging Planter Baskets

Would you like to make your home unique and distinctive?

Looking for the chic decor to create individuality and garden flourish?

Chic plant basket, your perfect indoor/outdoor hanger planter solution.

Our hanging planter baskets are made of 100% natural seagrass, which goes perfectly with farmhouse/boho/modern/mid-century decor in your home. Every bathroom, living room, kitchen, nursery room deserves our premium hanging planter basket set.so you could buy for your home or for your loved ones as a housewarming, birthday, mothers' day gift.

Name: Double Hanging Planter Baskets
Material: Natural seagrass outerside and plastic lining inside
Craft: Hand-woven
Color: Beige, Primary Color, Dark Coffee
Product Size: 8.3"(21cm)D x 5.9"(15cm)H + 9.8"(25cm)D x 6.3"(16cm)H,Total length: 41.3"(105 cm)
Package Weight: Small: 0.5kg/1.1lb
Widely Used: Living Room / Bedroom / Bathroom / Garden / Kitchen
Package Includes: 1 x Double Layer Straw Hanging Basket (plants and flowers not included).

Tips: If the baskets do get wet, place them in outside or in a dryenvironment.

Seagrass Hanging Planters Basket Indoor, Hanging Two Layers Natu

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