Rechargeable Lithium Popular brand Battendegdgswg Green 8200Mah 32650 Lit Flat Flat,Lithium,8200Mah,32650,Green,Lit,Rechargeable,Battendegdgswg,$25,/flob5362910.html,,Health Household , Household Supplies $25 Rechargeable Lithium Battendegdgswg Green Flat 8200Mah 32650 Lit Health Household Household Supplies Rechargeable Lithium Popular brand Battendegdgswg Green 8200Mah 32650 Lit Flat $25 Rechargeable Lithium Battendegdgswg Green Flat 8200Mah 32650 Lit Health Household Household Supplies Flat,Lithium,8200Mah,32650,Green,Lit,Rechargeable,Battendegdgswg,$25,/flob5362910.html,,Health Household , Household Supplies

Rechargeable Lithium Popular brand Battendegdgswg Max 63% OFF Green 8200Mah 32650 Lit Flat

Rechargeable Lithium Battendegdgswg Green Flat 8200Mah 32650 Lit


Rechargeable Lithium Battendegdgswg Green Flat 8200Mah 32650 Lit

Product description

Battery Type: 32650
Chemistry: Li-ion
Capacity: 8200mAh
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rechargeable: About 2000 cycles
Max Discharge Current: 5C
Discharge Current : 3C
Charging: 0~45°
Discharging: -20~50°
Battery Top: Flat
Net Weight: About 141g/4.97oz
Size(H*D): About 70.6x32.6mm/2.78x1.28"
Package included
1/2/4/6/8/10 x 32650 Battery"

Rechargeable Lithium Battendegdgswg Green Flat 8200Mah 32650 Lit

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