/flob5174210.html,Alloy,wlpdust.ru,$58,Die,Cast,Toys Games , Vehicles,Miniature,Model,Chiron,Car,-,Model,Bugatti,BJLWTQ $58 BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast Miniature Model Car - Alloy Model Toys Games Vehicles BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast - Free shipping / New Miniature Alloy Model Car $58 BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast Miniature Model Car - Alloy Model Toys Games Vehicles /flob5174210.html,Alloy,wlpdust.ru,$58,Die,Cast,Toys Games , Vehicles,Miniature,Model,Chiron,Car,-,Model,Bugatti,BJLWTQ BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast - Free shipping / New Miniature Alloy Model Car

BJLWTQ Bugatti High quality Chiron Die Cast - Free shipping New Miniature Alloy Model Car

BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast Miniature Model Car - Alloy Model


BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast Miniature Model Car - Alloy Model

Product description

Bring on home this amazing collection. These are true-to-scale null die cast cars models with an amazing detailed finish. The models are made with top quality materials made to last. Enjoy this model in your collection
Product Description

Product Name: Car Model
Category: Bugatti Chiron
color: White
Size: 18.5x8.5x4.5CM
Ratio: 1:24
Material: zinc alloy, plastic, rubber tire
Applicable age: 4 years old or older
Product performance: can open the door
Product use: collectibles, decorations, gifts, toys
Please use it under the supervision of an adult.

EXCELLENT QUALITY: through production standards, scientific and technical standards production, environmental protection and low carbon certification.
STYLISH DESIGN: The unique style makes the toy car more happy for the child and feels non-toxic and harmless.
REASONABLE PRICE:The same quality, equally cute toy, our products are the happiest and safest.

Package Include
1x Car Model

BJLWTQ Bugatti Chiron Die Cast Miniature Model Car - Alloy Model

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