$42 Tfmox Training Head head dolls for hairdressers 80cm hair synthe Beauty Personal Care Hair Care hairdressers,Head,for,synthe,head,Training,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,80cm,/downhanging5173879.html,dolls,Tfmox,wlpdust.ru,$42,hair hairdressers,Head,for,synthe,head,Training,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,80cm,/downhanging5173879.html,dolls,Tfmox,wlpdust.ru,$42,hair Tfmox Training New color Head head dolls hair hairdressers for synthe 80cm $42 Tfmox Training Head head dolls for hairdressers 80cm hair synthe Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Tfmox Training New color Head head dolls hair hairdressers for synthe 80cm

Tfmox Training New color Head head dolls hair hairdressers for Sale synthe 80cm

Tfmox Training Head head dolls for hairdressers 80cm hair synthe


Tfmox Training Head head dolls for hairdressers 80cm hair synthe

Product description


Material: fiber; package: 1 * mannequin head.
The hair is very beautiful, long and combed, smooth, it is very easy to do anything with it
Hair can be washed, rinsed and blown dry and used repeatedly.
Application: Practice weaving, decorating, making hair styling and settings.
Suitable for hairdressing students, especially suitable for small girls to play games or as a teaching supplies for kindergarten or elementary school.

Tfmox Training Head head dolls for hairdressers 80cm hair synthe

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