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Fat Sumo Fighter 55% All items in the store OFF Soft Cozy Blanket Fuzzy Fluffy Fleec Decorative

Fat Sumo Fighter Soft Cozy Blanket Decorative Fluffy Fuzzy Fleec


Fat Sumo Fighter Soft Cozy Blanket Decorative Fluffy Fuzzy Fleec

Product description


Fat sumo fighter

Size: 50''X40'':Width: 50 In/125 Cm, Height: 40 In/100 Cm.

60''X50'':Width: 60 In/150 Cm, Height: 50 In/125Cm.

80''X60'':Width: 80 In/200 Cm, Height: 60 In/150 Cm.

50x40 Inch Are Suitable For Child,60x50 Inch Are Suitable For Teenagers,The Product Image Is Queen Size (80x60 Inches), Which Is Suitable For Adults.Please Follow Size Chart To Choose.

This Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket Is Made Of Anti-Pilling Fleece That Is Super Soft,It Is More Comfortable And Warm.

This Blanket Is Super Soft, Durable, And Lightweight. It'S Wrinkle And Fade Resistant, Doesn'T Shed, And Is Suitable For All Seasons,Keeps You Warm, But It’s Not Thick To The Point Where It Will Overheat You, Giving You The Perfectly-Balanced Versatile Throw Blanket For All Seasons

Unique Design:The Fabulous Colors With Decorative Pattern Design Makes It Easily Coordinate With Your Home Decor And Turns Your Home Into A Stylish Place. Simply Drape In Over A Sofa, Couch, Chair Or Across The End Of Beds To Add Extra Texture To Your Living Room Or Bed Room.

If There Is Any Problems Or Concerns, Please Feel Free To Contact Us And We Will Provide You With A Satisfactory Solution.

Fat Sumo Fighter Soft Cozy Blanket Decorative Fluffy Fuzzy Fleec

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