$35 High Capacity 2000mAh / 24.00Wh Replacement Battery for Wolf Gar Health Household Household Supplies High Capacity 2000mAh 24.00Wh Replacement for Wolf Animer and price revision Gar Battery High,Health Household , Household Supplies,$35,2000mAh,/,Replacement,Battery,24.00Wh,for,Capacity,Wolf,/disallowableness5052512.html,wlpdust.ru,Gar High,Health Household , Household Supplies,$35,2000mAh,/,Replacement,Battery,24.00Wh,for,Capacity,Wolf,/disallowableness5052512.html,wlpdust.ru,Gar High Capacity 2000mAh 24.00Wh Replacement for Wolf Animer and price revision Gar Battery $35 High Capacity 2000mAh / 24.00Wh Replacement Battery for Wolf Gar Health Household Household Supplies

High Capacity 2000mAh 24.00Wh Replacement Japan's largest assortment for Wolf Animer and price revision Gar Battery

High Capacity 2000mAh / 24.00Wh Replacement Battery for Wolf Gar


High Capacity 2000mAh / 24.00Wh Replacement Battery for Wolf Gar

Product description

Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.
Product Specifications

Battery Capacity:
2000mAh / 24.00Wh
Battery Type:
Voltage Output:
79.50 x 54.00 x 29.80mm
Fit Model:

Wolf Garten
Robo Scooter 1800, Robo Scooter 300, Robo Scooter 400, Robo Scooter 500, Robo Scooter 600
Part Number:

Wolf Garten
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High Capacity 2000mAh / 24.00Wh Replacement Battery for Wolf Gar

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