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HORSE SADDLERY SALENEW very popular IMPEX cheap Synthetic Western Trail Racing Eques Barrel

HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX Synthetic Western Barrel Racing Trail Eques


HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX Synthetic Western Barrel Racing Trail Eques

Product description

A Completely 100% Genuine Saddle only From HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX Store No.1 Store on Amazon.
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Looking for a saddle that is easy to maintain, light weight, and budget friendly? This black Cardura synthetic saddle with colored crystals and accents is perfect for those that are looking for a great, lightweight trail saddle!
This saddle features bright colored crystal trim along the skirting and cantle that accents the padded colored ostrich seat and horn.
The saddle has colored nylon binding that ensure the saddle stays tear proof and is easy to clean.
For a limited time, receive a FREE matching headstall, breast collar, reins, amp; Saddle Pad.
Synthetic Cardura Material Soft Padded Seat Crystal Decoration Colored Texas Star Conchos Adjustable Blevins Buckles Padded Stirrups Soft Synthetic Fleece Underside Double Reinforced Fiberglass Tree.

Saddle Specifications:-
Color: As per Picture.

Saddle Measurements:-
Seat: 14” to 18" Inches Seat.
Gullet: 7” FQHB.
Skirt: 24.5-28.5” .
Horn: 3.5”
Swell: 12”.
Cantle: 5” .
Stirrups: 26 – 35”.
Weight: Approx. 22 to 25 lbs..

Thank You amp; Have A Nice Day.?

HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX Synthetic Western Barrel Racing Trail Eques

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