LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer 2021 new LED Electric Clip Washable Screen Barber,Hair,LYKYL,/convexity5247893.html,,Clip,Trimmer,Screen,Washable,LED,Hair,$56,Electric,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care $56 LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer LED Screen Washable Electric Hair Clip Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $56 LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer LED Screen Washable Electric Hair Clip Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Barber,Hair,LYKYL,/convexity5247893.html,,Clip,Trimmer,Screen,Washable,LED,Hair,$56,Electric,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer 2021 new LED Electric Clip Washable Screen

LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer 2021 [Alternative dealer] new LED Electric Clip Washable Screen

LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer LED Screen Washable Electric Hair Clip


LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer LED Screen Washable Electric Hair Clip

Product description

1. titanium ceramic blade, wear resistant and low heat
2. USB charging, fast and convenient, no worry about power failure
3. Low noise design, about 55dB.
4. Whole body washable, can be rinsed after use,easy to clean and care.
5. Ergonomic design and smooth body lines, very comfortable to grip.
origin: CN(Origin)
Size: 2200mAHmAh
ltem Type:Hair Trimmer
Material: Aluminium Alloy
LED Screen: Rechargeable
Specification: Four gears
lithium battery: 2200mAHmAh
Battery life: 60 minutes

This is a waterproof product; but the charging cable is not waterproof
Don't charge this appliance near the bathtub, wash basin, or other vessels which with any water
To avoid damage, please keep your hands dry during use it
Avoiding prolonged charging(unplug it after reached at the specified time), otherwise there will be a danger of short circuit caused by overcharge

LYKYL Barber Hair Trimmer LED Screen Washable Electric Hair Clip

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