$26 Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Pillow 16×16 Inches. Printed Arts, Crafts Sewing Needlework Needlepoint,Kit.,/coistril5247722.html,$26,16×16,Little,wlpdust.ru,Dino.,Printed,Inches.,Throw,Pillow,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Needlework Needlepoint,Kit.,/coistril5247722.html,$26,16×16,Little,wlpdust.ru,Dino.,Printed,Inches.,Throw,Pillow,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Needlework Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Super popular specialty store Inches. 16×16 Pillow Printed $26 Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Pillow 16×16 Inches. Printed Arts, Crafts Sewing Needlework Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Super popular specialty store Inches. 16×16 Pillow Printed

Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Free shipping Throw Super popular specialty store Inches. 16×16 Pillow Printed

Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Pillow 16×16 Inches. Printed


Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Pillow 16×16 Inches. Printed

Product description

Color:Little Dino.

Stitch this funny little dino to add joy and style to your child’s room.
It’s a lovely do-it-yourself embroidery kit for a throw pillow. Can be stitched both in cross-stitch (longer but with bolder image) and half-stitch (faster and smother cushion). Includes printed tapestry canvas, acrylic yarn, and needle. Ideal as a gift whether stitched with love or presented as a DIY needlepoint kit.

Why Choose Preprinted Cross Stitch Kit?
This stamped embroidery is very easy — no matter if you are a beginner or experienced stitcher. There is no need to count stitches, to rip out and re-stitch errors, or guess which color to use. Thanks to superior printing accuracy, every weave crossing has its own color, therefore stitching has never been so easy!
You will enjoy your needlepoint both while mastering this throw pillow and while admiring a finished masterpiece.

This Kit Contains
A piece of accurate color-printed cotton canvas by Zweigart from Germany with 8 holes per inch with precisely stamped pattern to ensure exceptional stitching accuracy. Canvas is hard and a hoop is not needed.
Plenty of high-quality acrylic yarn for vivid and lasting colors cut into 32″ pieces for ease of stitching.
Japanese large-eye nickel-plated tapestry needle.
Complete how-to instruction and a pattern to reference.

Premium European Quality
Family-made by small European business of needlework lovers since 1998.
Accurate printing, vivid colors, colorful patterns — everything to make your stitching fun and easy and with glorious result.
Big needle for simple workflow.
Ideal gift for beginners and experienced stitchers, great needlework kit to enjoy.

Little Dino. Needlepoint Kit. Throw Pillow 16×16 Inches. Printed

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