$35 Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower on Flag Grommet Curtain Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Olivefox,/coistril5174222.html,$35,Curtains,Curtain,Retro,Sunflower,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,on,Grommet,Flag,Window,wlpdust.ru Olivefox,/coistril5174222.html,$35,Curtains,Curtain,Retro,Sunflower,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,on,Grommet,Flag,Window,wlpdust.ru Popular popular Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower Flag Grommet on Curtain $35 Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower on Flag Grommet Curtain Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Popular popular Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower Flag Grommet on Curtain

Popular popular Olivefox Window Choice Curtains Retro Sunflower Flag Grommet on Curtain

Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower on Flag Grommet Curtain


Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower on Flag Grommet Curtain

Product description


Curtains float within a summer breeze, creating a romantic light and airy, breathable and fresh vibe to your room.

Elegant semi sheer curtain with stylish design, unique, simple and practical. The style will blends nicely with both contemporary and traditional bedroom. Crafted from premium quality, durable polyester fabric.

Close your curtain to keep away from the strong sunlight and reduce outside noises, make your room breathable and enhance your window decor.

Light filtering while privacy protecting. Invite a certain amount of light gently through the sheer curtain, also help to darken your room.

Perfect for kitchen, laundry, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, home office, sun-room, family room, reading/sitting room, playroom, game room, nursery/kids/boys/girls room, patio sliding glass door/French door and virtually any other room in the house.

Deeply impressed your friends, family, and guests with these window curtain panels on any window.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash with cold water
Do not bleach. Tumble dry
Iron at low temperature if needed

1. For proper fullness, panels should measure 2-3 times the width of your window.
2. Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings in computer monitors display, filming angles, lights, sunshine ect.

Olivefox Window Curtains Retro Sunflower on Flag Grommet Curtain

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