Gaming,-,,Headres,Chair,$806,Home Kitchen , Furniture,NASTON,Gaming,Chair,with,Ergonomic,/coistril5052322.html,Office Ranking TOP14 NASTON Gaming Chair - with Ergonomic Headres Office Gaming,-,,Headres,Chair,$806,Home Kitchen , Furniture,NASTON,Gaming,Chair,with,Ergonomic,/coistril5052322.html,Office $806 NASTON Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Headres Home Kitchen Furniture $806 NASTON Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Headres Home Kitchen Furniture Ranking TOP14 NASTON Gaming Chair - with Ergonomic Headres Office

Ranking TOP14 NASTON Gaming Chair - with Ergonomic Headres Office Dedication

NASTON Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Headres


NASTON Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Headres

Product description

Color:Red B

Ergonomically designed gaming chair-more efficient, more comfortable, multi-functional to meet various body shapes

High-quality materials:
Made of high-quality leather, matte surface, wear-resistant and skin-friendly
The interior is filled with high-density styling sponge to bring a comfortable sitting feeling

Adjustable function:
* Ergonomic design, three-dimensional package
*Lying back at a large angle
*360 degree rotation
*Adjustable seat height
*Linked armrest

Game chair size: overall height 125-133CM, backrest height 85CM, seat width 48CM, chassis diameter 62CM

Please read our user manual carefully and assemble it. If you have other needs or questions, please contact us to serve you. We hope that our gaming chair can accompany you every day and become your partner.

NASTON Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Headres

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