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ZNBJJWCP Mobile Ranking TOP18 Phone Voice Conference Anchor Microphone R 5 popular Video

ZNBJJWCP Mobile Phone Voice Conference Video Microphone Anchor R


ZNBJJWCP Mobile Phone Voice Conference Video Microphone Anchor R

Product description

Support stereo super stereo sense, have immersive feeling, enjoy rich and rich hearing feast.
The condenser microphone core has the advantages of sensitive pick-up and high voice restoration.
Customized 16mm capacitive diaphragm microphone, high sensitivity, direct to professional recording studio, studio level interpretation of sound quality, from small to ear.
The appearance adopts geometric cutting technique to make the side more light and thin.
The surface treatment of metallic paint makes the product more high-end and professional.

The fan-shaped net cover expands the sound receiving area, allowing professional users to enjoy it and record more perfect sound.
After 60 times of professional debugging, 2300 people tested the microphone comfort test, 15 times of material adjustment.
Great vocals and instruments, and wide frequency response make it an perfect microphone to capture vocals, guitars, acoustic pianos, and even strings as a condenser to take accurate snapshots and capture all the nuances inherent in these instruments.
colour: black
Material: metal
size: 40x195x60mm
Package Contents:
1 * Microphone
1 * shock mount
1 * adapter cable
1 * o cable
1 * windproof cotton
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

ZNBJJWCP Mobile Phone Voice Conference Video Microphone Anchor R

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