$56 NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Resistance Bands 10 to 140 LBS Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Resistance,Latex,to,$56,Power,Bands,NonZero,/blepharophimosis5052447.html,Free,Gravity,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,LBS,wlpdust.ru,140,10 NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Max 74% OFF Resistance LBS to Bands 140 10 $56 NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Resistance Bands 10 to 140 LBS Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Max 74% OFF Resistance LBS to Bands 140 10 Resistance,Latex,to,$56,Power,Bands,NonZero,/blepharophimosis5052447.html,Free,Gravity,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,LBS,wlpdust.ru,140,10

NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Max 74% OFF Resistance LBS to Bands 140 10 shipfree

NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Resistance Bands 10 to 140 LBS


NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Resistance Bands 10 to 140 LBS

Product Description


NonZero Gravity Power Resistance Bands are made with a synthetic material known as latex-free rubber. This design feature prevents allergic reactions commonly associated with the enzymes found in latex. Latex-free rubber is most frequently used in the medical, educational and foodservice industries and now in NZG’s athletic gear. An important highlight as most fitness resistance bands contain natural latex.


High intensity, LEVEL 5,6,7 Power Resistance Band Set. Bands Included: one (1) BLACK 85 LBS, one (1) Silver 120 LBS and one (1) GOLD 140 LBS. (LBS = tensile strength) Each band measures 41-inches long and 0.16-inches thick. Widths vary from 1.75 to 3-inches.


Power Resistance Bands use high strength and rapid rebound to intensify your workouts: a lightweight, portable fitness gear option. From pull-up assistance to banded squats, resistance strength training offers versatile workouts on your back, arms, legs and glutes. Carry them in your gym bag or add them to your at-home gym gear. Available in a wide range of tensile resistance levels and colors.

NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity
NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity
NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity
NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity
NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity
NonZero Gravity Resistance bands made with latex-free rubber, high Intensity, 85 to 140 LBS Tensity

NonZero Gravity Latex Free Power Resistance Bands 10 to 140 LBS

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