$30 Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Pedal Muscle Pull Exerciser H Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $30 Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Pedal Muscle Pull Exerciser H Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Las Vegas Mall Pull Muscle Exerciser H Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Las Vegas Mall Pull Muscle Exerciser H Muscle,Pedal,Resistance,Exerciser,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pull,wlpdust.ru,/bishoplike5362990.html,Band,Foot,Pedal,Fitness,$30,H Muscle,Pedal,Resistance,Exerciser,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pull,wlpdust.ru,/bishoplike5362990.html,Band,Foot,Pedal,Fitness,$30,H

Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Las Vegas Mall Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Pull Muscle Exerciser H

Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Pedal Muscle Pull Exerciser H


Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Pedal Muscle Pull Exerciser H

Product description

★Product Name: 3 in 1 chest expander
Material:Spring steel
Uses:Three-way puller
Applicable scene:Fitness equipment,Fitness body, Extreme challenge
Maximum length: 59in (150cm)
Weight: 1.5kg
Applicable people:Male and female fitness crowd
Product List:
3-in-1 chest expander*1
★ Note:
1. For safety reasons, check the product before use to see if the parts are safe.
2. Try to be in a place with few people when exercising, so as to avoid accidents.
3.In the course of use, it is necessary to hold the handle tightly, concentrate, and stretch and restore should be carried out slowly. It is not suitable to use rapid speed to avoid accidents.
4.It should be cleaned after use and placed in a dry place to prevent rust and prolong service life.

Pedal Resistance Band Fitness Foot Pedal Muscle Pull Exerciser H

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