Portable Yoni Steam Seat Limited time for free shipping Fumigation S Spa Instrument V Vaginal $96 Portable Yoni Steam Seat, Fumigation Instrument,Vaginal Spa, V S Health Household Health Care Spa,,S,V,Portable,$96,Fumigation,Yoni,Instrument,Vaginal,Health Household , Health Care,/bestowing5052573.html,Seat,,Steam,wlpdust.ru Spa,,S,V,Portable,$96,Fumigation,Yoni,Instrument,Vaginal,Health Household , Health Care,/bestowing5052573.html,Seat,,Steam,wlpdust.ru Portable Yoni Steam Seat Limited time for free shipping Fumigation S Spa Instrument V Vaginal $96 Portable Yoni Steam Seat, Fumigation Instrument,Vaginal Spa, V S Health Household Health Care

Portable Yoni Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Steam Seat Limited time for free shipping Fumigation S Spa Instrument V Vaginal

Portable Yoni Steam Seat, Fumigation Instrument,Vaginal Spa, V S


Portable Yoni Steam Seat, Fumigation Instrument,Vaginal Spa, V S

Product description

Six reasons for choosing us:
Various combination fumigation can increase the temperature of deep subcutaneous layer, warm the lower abdomen and activate the younger vitality.
1. Steam Permeation Technology
2. Low temperature fumigation
3. Deep penetration
4. Far Infrared Technology
5. Intelligent Dry Burning Prevention
6.safety protection

How to use:
1. Separation Instruments
2. Introduce 20 ml fumigation liquid and add 30 ml water (liquid can not exceed stainless steel container)
3. Close the instrument, first adjust to the maximum gear, after the liquid boiling component reduces gear, start to enjoy the fumigation process.
4. After fumigation, wipe off the remaining liquid, disinfect it with 2-3 drops of vinegar, and then wipe it with a handkerchief or paper towel.

Notes :
1. Keep the massager away from water.
2. The massager stops after 35 minutes. Put more water and restart to use again.
3. Keep away from chemical materials such as cosmetics and soaps.
4. Pregnant women are not recommended to use the steam seat.

Portable Yoni Steam Seat, Fumigation Instrument,Vaginal Spa, V S

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