REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT Atlanta Mall M 6 - WITH SHANK. 16 MT3 WITH,/bestowing5052373.html,M,M,ATTACHMENT,$125,6,REVERSIBLE,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,TAPPING,,MT3,-,16,SHANK. $125 REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT M 6 - M 16 WITH MT3 SHANK. Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $125 REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT M 6 - M 16 WITH MT3 SHANK. Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT Atlanta Mall M 6 - WITH SHANK. 16 MT3 WITH,/bestowing5052373.html,M,M,ATTACHMENT,$125,6,REVERSIBLE,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,TAPPING,,MT3,-,16,SHANK.

REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT Atlanta Mall Super beauty product restock quality top! M 6 - WITH SHANK. 16 MT3




Product description

Reversible Tapping Attachment M 6 - M 16 Tap Capacity MT3 Shank REVERSIBLE TAPPING ATTACHMENT CAN BE USED ON DRILLING MACHINE OR ANY MACHINE WITH ROTATING NON-REVERSIBLE SPINDLE. RIGHT OR LEFT HAND TAPPING WITHOUT MODIFICATION. Application: Suitable for batch amp; mass production tapping in components. Suitable for right hand amp; left hand tapping in blind/through holes. Clutch mechanism ensures safety of taps from breakage. A 6gear reversing mechanism transmits smooth positive reverse of tap for retraction. Axial float ensures smooth tapping amp; better thread profile. Specification: Available in MT2/MT3 Shank . Offered in different Tap Holding Capacities. Please see my other listings to find it in other shank sizes and larger capacities.


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