$91 8" Dido Purple Safe Real Size Strap-Ôn Set Health Household Wellness Relaxation Set,Dido,Strap-Ôn,wlpdust.ru,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Size,$91,Purple,8",/acrostolion5174168.html,Safe,Real 8" Ranking TOP11 Dido Purple Safe Strap-Ôn Set Real Size Set,Dido,Strap-Ôn,wlpdust.ru,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Size,$91,Purple,8",/acrostolion5174168.html,Safe,Real $91 8" Dido Purple Safe Real Size Strap-Ôn Set Health Household Wellness Relaxation 8" Ranking TOP11 Dido Purple Safe Strap-Ôn Set Real Size


8" Dido Purple Safe Real Size Strap-Ôn Set


8" Dido Purple Safe Real Size Strap-Ôn Set

Product description

Pleasure embodied. The Plus-Size strap-ôn flatters and fits women with curves, using an adjustable leather waistband that easily accommodates up to size 48".
A strong metal O-band comfortably holds the dong securely in place when the action héats up. The genuine leather harness easily adjusts to fit varying sizes.

8" Dido Purple Safe Real Size Strap-Ôn Set

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