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KMYUO Smart Posture Corrector for Adults Fresno 40% OFF Cheap Sale Mall St Intelligent Reminder

KMYUO Smart Posture Corrector for Adults Intelligent Reminder St


KMYUO Smart Posture Corrector for Adults Intelligent Reminder St

Product description


Ergonomics design, beautiful and scientific;
Standard V8 interface is adopted to charge and store energy for internal
polymer lithium batte, which is safe and reliable;
Intelligent sensing, vibration warning function ;
Elastic shoulder strap, comfortable and comfortable to wear;

L 1.6m-1.75m 55kg-70kg
XL 1.75m-1.9m 70kg-95kg

Packing list
Smart Correctore*1
USB cable *1
Manual *1f

KMYUO Smart Posture Corrector for Adults Intelligent Reminder St

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