Swivel,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,,Velvet,Shell,Degrees,,Office,with,Seat,$98,Flieks,360,wlpdust.ru,/acropetally5247776.html Office Chair Flieks Luxury goods Velvet Swivel Shell Degrees Seat 360 with $98 Office Chair, Flieks Velvet Swivel Shell Seat with 360 Degrees, Home Kitchen Furniture $98 Office Chair, Flieks Velvet Swivel Shell Seat with 360 Degrees, Home Kitchen Furniture Swivel,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,,Velvet,Shell,Degrees,,Office,with,Seat,$98,Flieks,360,wlpdust.ru,/acropetally5247776.html Office Chair Flieks Luxury goods Velvet Swivel Shell Degrees Seat 360 with

Office Chair Popular brand in the world Flieks Luxury goods Velvet Swivel Shell Degrees Seat 360 with

Office Chair, Flieks Velvet Swivel Shell Seat with 360 Degrees,


Office Chair, Flieks Velvet Swivel Shell Seat with 360 Degrees,

Product Description


Product Specifications:

Product Type: Swivel Seat
Material: Metal, Upholstered (Seat), Casters, PolyWood
Finish: Linen fabricamp;Silver feet base
Style: Modern leisure
Poduct Dimension: 26.6" x 24" x28.7~32.5"H
Product Weight: 21.27lbs
Package Size: 27.6" x 18.1" x 23.6"
Package Weight: 26.45lbs
Weight Capacity: 250lbs
Assembly Required: Yes

Office Chair, Flieks Velvet Swivel Shell Seat with 360 Degrees,

We are delighted that the Government has announced that all trade events can resume without restrictions, from 19 July. This means we can safely stage lunch! on 23-24 September and finally bring senior decision makers from cafes, coffee shops and food-to-go back together.

This year’s show will be co-located with sister shows Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen allowing buyers to see an even greater range of products and innovations at what is set to be an unmissable two days for our industry.



lunch! connects you with over 6700 key decision makers. If you want to do business with the food-to-go sector, then secure your stand at the only trade show exclusively targeted to this industry. It is quite simply, unmissable.



lunch! gives senior decision makers from the cafe, coffee shop and food-to-go sector the unique opportunity to meet innovative suppliers, discover something new and stay ahead of the competition.

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Hear from leading industry figures across three Keynote Theatres. Be inspired by interviews with the biggest names in the industry, learn invaluable advice and keep up to date with industry trends.

Over 300 quality exhibitors…

…showcasing thousands of innovative new products

Over 6700 visitors over 2 days…

…Network and do business with the right people

Three dedicated Keynote Theatres…

…with industry-leading speakers and exclusive interviews

Thousands of new products to try…

…and the chance to discover new companies in the start-up zone

Marta Pogroszewska

GAIL’s Bakery

Hannah Squirrell

Customer Director

Hannah McKay

Head of Food & Beverage UK&I
Caffè Nero

Ollie Rosevear

Head of Environment
Costa Coffee

Rebecca Di Mambro

Head of Marketing

Josh Brown

Head of Coffee & Commercial Development
Harris & Hoole



Please be aware that lunch! has been targeted by groups trying to take advantage of the events size and success. Some exhibitors are receiving numerous phone calls and e-mail messages from individuals offering various services from fake exhibition directories to travel/hotel arrangements and transportation services. If you are in doubt about the validity of an email, or someone contacting you on our behalf, please email Wrth BBQ Square Box Stainless Steel Portable Foldable Barbecue B for details of our confirmed suppliers.

lunch! and its official suppliers NEVER sell their visitor lists. Companies who do this are not affiliated with the exhibition in any way. Please DO NOT click on any email links sent from these types of companies or accounts or any others that look suspicious.