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12 Volt H3 WX382 WX382.3 WX382.1 WX382.7 WX382.2 National uniform Manufacturer direct delivery free shipping

12 Volt H3 WX382, H3 WX382.1, H3 WX382.2, H3 WX382.3, H3 WX382.7


12 Volt H3 WX382, H3 WX382.1, H3 WX382.2, H3 WX382.3, H3 WX382.7

Product description

Direct from Manufacturer Cameron Sino.Affordable price!
Committed to use good quality A + cells.
Long-lasting and high stable performance.
High charge efficiency and low self-discharge.
Easy to replace for original Worx Power Tools.
Shipping by USPS Standard.
Available professional customer services(reply within 24hrs).

Compatible With
Worx H3 WX382
Worx H3 WX382.1
Worx H3 WX382.2
Worx H3 WX382.3
Worx H3 WX382.4
Worx H3 WX382.5
Worx H3 WX382.6
Worx H3 WX382.7

Replace For
Worx WA3503
Worx WA3505
Worx WA3509

Condition: 100% Brand New with Perfect Packaging
Battery Type: Li-ion
Output Voltage: 12.0 Volts
Capacity: 1500mAh / 18.00Wh
Color: Black
Warranty: 12 Months
Dimension: 80.92 x 47.60 x 46.30mm

Please check the original battery model, part number, dimension. Make sure you get the correct battery.
If there is anything uncertain, please be free to contact us.

1. Warranty and Guarantee terms start from purchase date. We have 12-month manufacturer warranty.
2. If you received an incorrect, damaged, defective, or item not as described, pls contact us Via Email for a partial/full refund or replacement.

12 Volt H3 WX382, H3 WX382.1, H3 WX382.2, H3 WX382.3, H3 WX382.7

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