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Visually Impaired Assist Magnifying Glass High Definition 10x Our shop OFFers the best service Hi Ranking TOP20

Visually Impaired Assist/Magnifying Glass 10x High Definition Hi


Visually Impaired Assist/Magnifying Glass 10x High Definition Hi

Product description

We are the manufacturer of magnifiers. We produce all year round: handheld magnifiers, necklace magnifiers, desktop repair magnifiers, head-mounted magnifiers with LED lights. There are more styles to choose from in our store.
Product: Magnifier
Type: Portable Magnifier
Color: black + orange
Magnification: 10 times
Effective diameter: 50 (mm)
Material: pp plastic + rubber + optical glass lens
Weight: 200 grams

Visually Impaired Assist/Magnifying Glass 10x High Definition Hi

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