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Allora 17" Metal Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table in Brass and Go


Allora 17" Metal Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table in Brass and Go

Product description

This mid-century inspired round coffee table is the perfect pick for your living room or den ensemble. Its base features four tapered pencil legs connected at the center, while the tempered glass top complements in geometric fashion with a curved round silhouette. Offered in a variety of finishes including golden brass and a cool silver nickel. The metallic finishes making it classic and neutral enough to work with any complementary furniture.

Features :

Hand crafted gold finish is applied to the steel frame. Tempered glass top.
Material: Tempered Glass and Metal
Hand crafted gold finish is applied to the steel metal frame
Weight capacity can support up to 60 LBS.
Premium materials have been used in making this coffee table: tempered glass throughout the table top while a steel frame ensures optimal sturdiness for your guests' coffee and any other knickknacks you choose to showcase!.

Specifications :

Product Weight : 30.2 lbs
Frame Material : Metal.

Allora 17" Metal Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table in Brass and Go

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