$47 XQRYUB Car Pillows U Shaped Head Rest Sleeping Travel Neck Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding Sleeping,Neck,$47,Shaped,U,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pillo,wlpdust.ru,XQRYUB,/Dictyotales5052497.html,Head,Car,Travel,Pillows,Rest $47 XQRYUB Car Pillows U Shaped Head Rest Sleeping Travel Neck Pillo Home Kitchen Bedding XQRYUB Car OFFer Pillows U Shaped Head Sleeping Pillo Neck Travel Rest XQRYUB Car OFFer Pillows U Shaped Head Sleeping Pillo Neck Travel Rest Sleeping,Neck,$47,Shaped,U,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pillo,wlpdust.ru,XQRYUB,/Dictyotales5052497.html,Head,Car,Travel,Pillows,Rest

XQRYUB Car OFFer Pillows U Shaped Head Sleeping Pillo Popular products Neck Travel Rest

XQRYUB Car Pillows U Shaped Head Rest Sleeping Travel Neck Pillo


XQRYUB Car Pillows U Shaped Head Rest Sleeping Travel Neck Pillo

Product description

Color:Black Headrest

This memory foam neck pillow is ergonomic and can give great support for your cervical spine and head, it’s great help for relaxing muscles, effectively prevent neck fatigue and pain.
Applies to:
Suitable for most cars.

Material:Artificial leather
Type: Car neck pillow
Package Included:
1 * car neck pillows
Buyer note:
1.Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item,We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the picture.

XQRYUB Car Pillows U Shaped Head Rest Sleeping Travel Neck Pillo

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